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jonmoss2000 - B4 and A8
Talk to jonmoss2000 - B4 and A8 - Codlea now. 18 years of experience in D3. I've always 'seen' things that people would say are psychic and paranormal - and as a child, I had predi More »
AlyciaRose - A8 and A6
Get a consultation from AlyciaRose - A8 and A6 - Codlea - no waiting. 17 years of experience in D3. PROFESSIONAL - Radio & TV - Authentic - Honest - 30 yrs Exp. - Integrity matters More »
OpheliaJade - B0 and A8
Get a consultation from OpheliaJade - B0 and A8 - Codlea - no waiting. 15 years of experience in D3. Merry We Meet! I am a Wiccan Priestess and a witchcraft practitioner, haling fr More »
Ariolo - A1 and A0
Chat Live with Ariolo - A1 and A0 - Codlea today. 18 years of experience in D3. How can I help you? First of all, the problem should be defined, then I can tell you the opportuniti More »